Over the past two years, Plaid Cymru Member of the Senedd for South Wales Central Heledd Fychan has seen a sharp increase in the number of constituents reporting that they are battling to secure a suitable education for their children with additional learning needs.  This led to Heledd conducting a survey and then producing a report containing the heart breaking and brave lived experiences shared with her. 

The report also made the following recommendations: 


1.    Reduce waiting lists for diagnostic neurological appointments by establishing child diagnostic centres to ensure that children with delayed development that could indicate Additional learning needs are identified as early as possible.  

2.    Implement suitable staffing ratios in schools 

3.    Ensure that children and young people with additional learning needs and / or physical disabilities are able to access the same extra-curricular school clubs, holiday clubs and school trips as their peers.  

4.    Implement a review and plan of action to improve the recruitment and retention of qualified teaching staff and support staff in schools.  

5.    Ensure all staff in schools and in the Local Authority who have contact with children and young people are trained to understand the principles of equality and understand how to support children who are neuro-divergent  

6.    Establish Welsh Language units for neuro divergent children who do not thrive in a mainstream classroom. 



Heledd Fychan MS said:  

“Despite recent changes to Additional Learning Needs support, it’s evident that more support is needed.  

“This report has been shared with the Senedd’s Children, Young People and Education Committee and based on what I’ve heard I fully support the calls being made by parents, carers and children and young people for urgent improvements to be made. 

“The stories shared with me were heartbreaking and distressing. We are failing too many children, young people and their families. This cannot continue.” 


The report can be read here: ALN heledd Fychan - Heledd Fychan ENG 


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