Heledd Fychan MS calls on Welsh Government to honour promise to community and end quarrying at Craig Yr Hesg

Heledd Fychan, Plaid Cymru Member of the Senedd for South Wales Central, yesterday (Wednesday 26th) called on the Welsh Government for immediate action to address the issues caused by quarrying in Craig yr Hesg.

The Craig yr Hesg Quarry, operated by Heidelberg Materials and located near Pontypridd and Glyncoch, has been a significant point of contention for local residents. The community has persistently voiced their opposition to its continued operation and planned expansion but despite this, the Welsh Government ignored objections by the local community and Rhondda Cynon Taf council and granted permission for the quarrying to continue and expand. 

During the debate in the Senedd, Ms Fychan highlighted the distress caused to residents by the loud explosions from quarry blasting, causing damage to their properties. She also emphasised the concern of dust pollution on residents’ health as well as the wider environmental impact of quarrying. 

Ms Fychan has called for immediate action to address these issues, including a pause in operations at the quarry until assurances can be given regarding the quarry's impact on local health and the environment. Further, she urged the Welsh Government to listen to the concerns of the communities like Glyncoch and revise legislation and regulations to ensure that companies extracting minerals in Wales are held to the highest possible standards to ensure that people and nature cannot be harmed by the extraction of minerals in close proximity to homes.  

Speaking following the debate Heledd Fychan said: 

“Quarrying at Craig yr Hesg was supposed to stop on December 31, 2022followed by a restoration program. This was promised to the local community in previous planning applications, yet quarrying is now expected until 2047.

 “The Welsh Government must listen to the community and honour that promise to the community and stop the quarrying in Craig yr Hesg. It is not right that their voices and experiences continue to be ignored.”

 Residents living near Craig yr Hesg quarry attended the debate and were dismayed by the Welsh Government’s response. They, along with Heledd Fychan MS, have vowed to continue the campaign to bring the life of the quarry to an end. 

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