Heledd Fychan MS votes No Confidence in Vaughan Gething, The Labour First Minister of Wales


Today, a majority of Senedd Members supported a no confidence motion in Vaughan Gething, the First Minister of Wales. This vote shows there are serious concerns about his leadership.

Heledd Fychan, Plaid Cymru Member of the Senedd for South Wales Central, commented after the debate:

"At a time when people's trust in politics is low, they need to have confidence in the people they elect. But, Vaughan Gething, the Labour First Minister of Wales, has repeatedly avoided taking responsibility. Instances include accepting a £200k donation for his leadership campaign from a convicted polluter and deleting WhatsApp messages relevant to the COVID inquiry.

“This vote highlights the need for clear and honest leadership. The people of Wales deserve leaders who are open, take responsibility, and prioritise the public and the environment over personal gain. As representatives, we need to live up to these standards and earn the trust of the people we serve."

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  • Brooke Webb
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