Accountability essential in Cwm Taf Maternity Scandal

Yesterday (Tuesday 5 October), Heledd Fychan MS responded in the Senedd to the latest report by an independent panel set up by the Welsh Government relating to the maternity scandal at Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board. 



In a muted Senedd chamber, Heledd reflected on the scandal and the on-going impact on the families that will be impacted by the loss of their child for the rest of their lives stating: “It's impossible to overemphasise the pain, the hurt and the anxiety caused to every one of these families affected by this scandal.”

Noting the sombre conclusion that a third of stillbirths could have been avoided, Heledd raised the issue of accountability in terms of managers who were leading the hospitals at the time asking why they were able to leave and remain working in similar roles, without seemingly any repercussions, stating: “Can the Minister say with hand on heart that there's been accountability in terms of this scandal, given that many of the previous leaders within the health board had been given large payoffs when they left and they continue to work in the health sector now, perhaps at different health boards, whilst those who have suffered bereavement are left with nothing? Where is the accountability, Minister?”.

The report can be read here: thematic-stillbirth-category-report-september-2021.pdf (

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