If you are struggling to pay your energy bills, the first things to do is to contact your energy provider.  There are Energy Charitable trusts can help if you are in debt. They may be able to help with paying for fuel arrears.  


Contact numbers for the main suppliers:  

British Gas - 0800 072 8625 

Octopus - 0808 164 1088 

E.On - 0345 052 0000 

Swalec - 0345 026 2658 

N Power - 0800 073 3000 

Scottish Power 0800 027 0072 

Ovo - 0330 303 5063  


Priority Services Register (Energy companies) 

If you are of pensionable age, living with a disability, chronic illness or visual/hearing impairment (or someone in your household is), ask your energy supplier if you are eligible for its Priority Services Register. 

This provides you with free extra services and may help protect you from disconnection if you struggle to pay your energy bills if your supplier has signed up to the Energy UK Safety Net scheme.


The Energy UK Safety Net scheme 

If your supplier has signed up to the Energy UK Safety Net scheme, they have pledged to never knowingly disconnect a vulnerable customer at any time of year. 

Examples of customers who might be considered vulnerable under these terms include households where there is: 

  • An elderly person (of pensionable age) or someone caring for them in the household 
  • Someone who is disabled or has a long-term medical condition and is unable to support themselves or is dependent on medical equipment that is operated by electricity (such as a stair lift, wheelchair, defibrillator, or dialysis machine) 
  • A young child.


Benefits - Winter Fuel Payments and Cold Weather Payments 

The following Government schemes may be available to you if you are on certain benefits: 

Winter Fuel Payments – This is a payment made to people over Pension Credit age to help with fuel costs. 

Cold Weather Payments – If you are on a low income, you may be eligible for these if the average temperature in your area falls to 0° Celsius or below for seven days in a row. 

A £200 grant to help with Fuel Bills is available to families and individuals who receive: 


  • Child Tax Credit 
  • Pension Credit 
  • Disability benefit  
  • Carers allowance  
  • Contributory benefits 
  • Council tax reduction scheme 


more information on how to apply is available through the link below  

If you live in RCT:  

If you live in Cardiff:  

If you live in the Vale of Glamorgan:


If you are unsure about who best to contact for support, please contact me on 01443 853214 or at [email protected]

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