Emergency Grants

Supplementary Cost of Living Support Scheme RCT 

A Supplementary Cost of Living Scheme was approved for RhCT. This scheme will make a payment of £75.00 to all qualifying households. Where the Council has bank details which were provided for the first cost of living scheme (family payment of £50.00), it will attempt to make this payment automatically into those bank accounts during October 2022. See updated from RhCT CBC here. 

Winter Fuel Support Scheme Cardiff  

For information about how to apply for the Winter Fuel Support Scheme in Cardiff visit here. 

Winter Fuel Support Scheme Vale of Glamorgan 

 For information about how to apply for the Winter Fuel Support Scheme in the Vale of Glamorgan visit here. 

The Discretionary Assistance Fund  

This Welsh Government fund provides 2 types of grant that you do not need to pay back. 

Emergency Assistance Payment (EAP) 

A grant to help pay for essential costs, such as food, gas, electricity, clothing or emergency travel if you: 

  • are experiencing extreme financial hardship 
  • have lost your job 
  • have applied for benefits and are waiting for your first payment 
  • You cannot use it to pay for ongoing bills that you cannot afford to pay. 

Individual Assistance Payment (IAP) 

A grant to help you or someone you care for live independently in their home or a property that you or they are moving into. 

What you can use the grant for 

  • a fridge, cooker or washing machine and other ‘white goods’ 
  • home furniture such as beds, sofas and chairs 

Are you Disabled? 

Are you a parent or carer of a Disabled child or adult?  Are you disabled? 

If so, use this website to find Disability Grants. 

Charities and Trusts provide funding towards the high cost of disability equipment, holidays, housing, days out.........in fact anything above and beyond the normal costs of everyday living. 


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