Flood advice booklet for residents living in South Wales Central


In recent years, communities across the region have suffered flooding and continue to be at risk. I’ve developed this booklet with some practical information, in case the worse were to happen again.  

I very much hope that you will never have to use this guide. But if your home is at risk, this guide sets out steps you can take before, during and following a flood.  

While it may not be possible to prepare for every eventuality, taking the steps laid out in this guide will hopefully make it easier to plan and react to a flood if the worse were to happen. 

Alongside preparing this guide, I have been leading calls for an independent inquiry into flooding and working closely with many affected areas to try and secure answers and support. I am also focused on trying to get a National Flood Forum established here in Wales. It is an issue that I’m passionate about and take every opportunity possible to raise in the Senedd.  

Flooding is devastating, and I know from speaking to many of you that have experienced flooding how traumatic it can be. I know too that when it rains heavily, it can be difficult to sleep as you fear the same thing happening again. My office and I are here to help, so please get in touch if we can ever be of assistance.  

You can download a copy to print of the Flood Advice Booklet here

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