Heledd Fychan MS Calls for Six Nations to remain free-to-air

Following the news that the UK Government has rejected calls for the Six Nations to have to be offered to free-to-air broadcasters, Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson for Sport, Heledd Fychan MS, yesterday raised an urgent question in the Senedd on the matter.

Speaking on the floor of the Senedd, Ms Fychan outlined the cultural and social significance of sport and the importance of ensuring everyone is able to follow their national teams. She noted how watching sport can inspire people to become more active, and also emphasised the importance of broadcasting sporting events, such as the six nations, in Welsh on S4C for the future of the language. She also called on the Welsh Government to write to the UK Government, to urge them to re-consider.

Ms Fychan secured cross-party support for the views put forward, and a commitment that the Deputy Minister would write to the UK Government as requested.

Speaking afterwards, Ms Fychan said: “As a nation with a proud sporting history, being able to watch our national teams in both English and Welsh is incredibly important, both culturally and socially.  

“I'm glad to see cross-party support to for the Six Nations to be free-to-air, but it's time for the UK government to reverse its decision and ensure that the Six Nations continues to be available for everyone to watch without any additional cost.”


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