Heledd Fychan MS calls for urgent action on Wales’s Rail Services

In response to the ongoing issues with Wales’s rail services, Plaid Cymru held a crucial debate in the Senedd Wednesday (25th of October), urgently urging the Welsh government to take immediate action. Despite the impassioned pleas of Plaid Cymru members, the motion was ultimately voted down, which will leave commuters and residents in South Wales, particularly in the Rhondda, deeply disappointed.

Since Transport for Wales (TFW) took over the rail services in Wales five years ago, the train service across the country has remained unreliable and expensive. In fact, TFW currently holds the lowest customer satisfaction ratings among major rail operators in the UK.


Speaking following the debate, Heledd Fychan, the Plaid Cymru Member of the Senedd for South Wales Central, expressed her disappointment and concern, stating: "It's incredibly disappointing that the Welsh government continues to ignore the experiences of train users in South Wales Central.


“The closure of the Treherbert line in April has had a significant impact on the residents of the Rhondda. Many have lost their jobs due to consistent lateness, while others have had to give up employment altogether due to a lack of alternative transport options. Students have been late for school, and appointments have been missed, causing frustration and inconvenience."


“The negative impacts go beyond individuals, as local businesses in towns like Ton Pentre and Treorchy have been severely affected. With fewer people visiting these areas due to ongoing railway construction and traffic issue causing businesses significant financial losses.


“I will continue to campaign for better public transport services for all our communities because we cannot accept this is the best we can get.”


Anyone who has been affected by poor transport services in South Wales Central are encouraged to get in touch with Heledd Fychan via email at [email protected] or by phone at 01443 853214.

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