Heledd Fychan MS Response to RCT Consultation on School Transport

Are you a parent with children aged 3-19 attending school or college in RCT, or are you a learner yourself?
Rhondda Cynon Taf Council is proposing changes to the eligible distance for free school transport. This could mean that approximately 2,700 pupils in RCT will no longer be eligible for free transport to school.
Primary school aged children who live less than two miles away from the school and Secondary school aged children who live less than three miles away from the school whether it is a Welsh medium school, English medium school or faith school will have to make their own way to school and will not be eligible for free school transport. There will be no way to buy a bus pass either to travel on the bus they go on now. Shamefully those who will miss out most in the primary sector are children in Welsh Medium schools and faith schools. Read my full response to the consultation below. 


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  • Brooke Webb
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