25 years of Labour rule in Wales has resulted in the culture sector being cut to the bone, says Heledd Fychan MS


Plaid Cymru has warned that unless the Welsh Government take urgent action to get to grips with the crisis facing the culture sector, Wales is at risk of losing its national memory.

Heledd Fychan' comments come after the First Minister today (15 April 2024) defended cuts to the culture budget following an announcement that Wales’ National Museum in Cardiff is at risk of closure, as well as 90 job losses.


The Welsh Government’s budget for 2024-25 saw Amgueddfa Cymru, the National Library for Wales and the Royal Commission all face a 10.5% cut to their budgets.


Plaid Cymru highlighted Labour’s hypocrisy on the matter given Starmer’s promise last month to delegates at the Labour Creative Conference to ‘end the war on culture’, pleading that culture is ‘not just nice to have’ and is essential for economic growth.


Plaid Cymru spokesperson for Culture, Heledd Fychan MS said:

“The Labour Welsh Government just don’t get culture. While they’re happy to pose for a picture outside one of Wales’ national museums or benefit from invites to exhibits , the reality is that 25 years of Labour rule has seen our culture and heritage institutions cut to the bone. As a result, we’re now seeing job losses, museums potentially closing, and national collections at risk. Despite ample warnings from the sector, the Labour Welsh Government choose to look the other way every single time and even defend their actions.

“The irony is that while Starmer pleads that a UK Labour Government will end the war on culture – their track record in Wales says the opposite.

“The new Cabinet Secretary for Culture must fully grasp the seriousness of the situation and take urgent action to safeguard our national collections, and the workforce that cares for them. A country so rich in its history, heritage and culture cannot risk losing its national memory.”

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