Update on Craig yr Hesg

Over the past few years, I have supported local residents in campaigning against the expansion of Craig Yr Hesg Quarry, and also against the extension to the life of the quarry. 

Since the Minister for Climate Change overturned the local authority’s decision and allowed the expansion of Craig yr Hesg to go ahead, I have been working to support the local community to make objections. It was obvious that everyone was feeling disheartened following the decision, and last year, I arranged a community meeting at Glyncoch Primary school and sent an update to all local residents inviting people to form a new steering group to coordinate a community response. The steering group met on several occasions, discussed possible actions and what residents could do to monitor the impact of on-going quarrying, and its expansion.   

The meetings showed that there was a desire to continue the scrutiny of the company. There were ideas to highlight the nature that is present on the site by way of a video, and using drone footage. It is good to see a few such videos now emerging on the Facebook group.  

I have also written to Government Ministers to communicate the concerns and frustrations of residents and their anger about the decision to approve the extension of the quarry.  

A member of my team met with Cllr Doug Williams and officers from RCT Council to see how the council monitors the work. The council monitors the air quality on a constant basis via an air monitoring system. They explained that the dust pollution from the quarry, although it may peak after a blast, was a constant threat due to the crusher being used to grind the quarry materials, and they have positioned the monitoring station as close to the crusher as possible. They said that they monitor two sizes of particles, and that, to date, all readings were within the permitted guidelines. They also explained that the company self monitor the blasts. You can see the air pollution results for Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5) at Garth Ave.  The monitoring data is published in real-time to the public on the Welsh Government website ‘Air Quality in Wales’  along with other monitoring undertaken throughout RCTCBC and Wales  

Already, as you may be aware, Heidelberg Materials have cleared some of the shrub & woodland cover around the fields earmarked for expansion and have started to erect fencing. This has generated additional interest in the expansion to the quarry on social media.  

Two community meetings were organised by residents. The first took place on last Sunday, and the notes can be found on the Hansons Quarry Expansion Opposition Group on Facebook. 

Since the steering group last met, Hanson Aggregates rebranded as Heidelberg Materials in October 2023 and information regarding Graig Yr Hesg quarry is now to be found on the Heidelberg website. The ‘Craig-Yr-Hesg quarry community page’, which Hanson established, has been moved to Craig-Yr-Hesg quarry community page | Heidelberg Materials UK. Heidelberg’s own link from the Graig Yr Hesg Quarry page is a dead link.  

I would like to thank everyone who has sent me evidence of harm to nature and evidence regarding the damage caused by blasting and the impact to housing and health. 

I will continue to raise these concerns at the Senedd and am happy to support the community in any way that I can on this issue. 

The Council have a system set up to receive complaints from the public regarding dust or vibration concerns. I would urge you all to contact the Council every time you feel that a complaint is warranted. I am in the process of finalising a leaflet which will be distributed to properties in the area so that individual residents can report any matters of concern directly to RCT. If you can help with the distribution of these leaflets, please let me know.  


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