Vision for universal Welsh-medium education launched.

This week in the Senedd I sponsored a briefing session where Cymdeithas yr Iaith launched their statistical work that demonstrates a path to universal Welsh language education by 2050.

The report, ‘Welsh Education for All: Reaching the Objective’, analyses the progress required in each county every five years in order to reach the goal. It also analyses the progress necessary to reach the Welsh Government's goal of 50% of children in Welsh-medium education by the same year.

It comes as part of Cymdeithas yr Iaith's ongoing campaign for Welsh language education for all, and securing a commitment for that in the Government's Welsh Education Bill, which will soon be introduced to the Senedd. The Bill is described by the organisation as a "once in a generation opportunity" to "transform" the education system.

A quarter of a century after the opening of this Senedd, it is a disgrace that the majority of children and young people in Wales continue to be deprived of the opportunity to speak and use the Welsh language.

The Minister with responsibility for the Welsh language consistently states that the Welsh language belongs to everyone in Wales, but he is reluctant to take the radical steps needed if we are serious about securing a secure future for our language

It is not empty words that are needed but action and investment in the workforce, as this report states. This is the only way to ensure equal opportunities for our children and young people to become confident Welsh speakers, wherever they live in Wales.

Read the full research here:

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  • Brooke Webb
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