“OUR HIGHER EDUCATION SECTOR IS IN CRISIS” – HELEDD FYCHAN MS Plaid Cymru calls on Welsh Government for an emergency plan to ensure financial viability of Welsh universities

Heledd Fychan, Plaid Cymru spokesperson for Education has written urgently to the Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for Education, calling for an emergency review into the state of higher education in Wales, following concerning reports from Aberystwyth and Cardiff Universities about financial pressures that could lead to job losses.

Last week, reports stated that up to 200 jobs could be at risk as Aberystwyth University tries to save £15m, whilst Cardiff University has also told staff its financial position is "not good" and warned it faced a £35m deficit this year if action was not taken.

Ms Fychan has written to Welsh Government ahead of the Cabinet Secretary’s Statement on Education Priorities in the Senedd on Tuesday, 14 May, calling on her to “fully recognise the severity of the current situation [facing universities in Wales]”. She goes on to say that “the Welsh Government must commit to working with the sector on an emergency plan to ensure its financial viability, including protecting jobs in our Welsh universities”.

Heledd Fychan MS, Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson on Education said:

"The redundancies and financial troubles of Aberystwyth University, and other universities across Wales are extremely worrying. Our higher education sector is in crisis – I’ve written to Welsh Government urging them to act urgently.

 "Plaid Cymru and experts within the sector have been warning the Welsh Labour Government for many years about how fragile the situation is.

"Our universities are an absolutely necessary resource for the future of our country. They are important employers, they contribute to key research, and they play an important part in developing the workforce in areas such as health and education, all essential in driving forward the economy of any developed country.

 "There is no more time for warm words from the Welsh Labour Government, we must see action. The new Cabinet Secretary needs to take responsibility immediately and work with the sector on an emergency plan to ensure financial viability and to keep jobs in Welsh universities”.

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