Heledd Fychan MS creates new role to support communities

Ken Moon to join Heledd Fychan’s team

In recognition of the serious threat posed by Climate Change to the future of our communities, Heledd Fychan MS has created a new and unique role within her support staff team. The Sustainable Futures Coordinator will support Heledd in her work with communities across South Wales Central linked to creating sustainable futures.   

Ken Moon is excited to be supporting the team at this time. Whilst Wales has some excellent legislation in place, Ken’s experience of working with local communities is that they are frequently frustrated in their efforts. Part of Ken’s role will be to help facilitate community led action on climate change, freeing up the latent potential within our communities.  

Ken joins the team from Interlink RCT where he was a champion for the community and voluntary sector expressing his passion for all things related to the community and the environment. Ken played a crucial supporting role during the flooding and subsequent pandemic, helping key organizations, such as Pontypridd Foodbank, to continue delivering essential services.

Ken will be bringing his background as a Social Entrepreneur, his skills and knowledge from working with communities across South Wales, and his natural aptitude for advocacy, networking, and alliance building to help deliver a Sustainable Future constituents can be proud of.  

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  • Brooke Webb
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