Work experience: Deian Hughes

Deian Hughes is a first year Politics and International Relations student from Cardiff University who this week joined the team to gain experience in my constituency and Senedd office. On his final day he wrote this blog about his experience 


Over the past three days of my work experience with Heledd and her team, I’ve had many new and rememberable experiences within politics. I had the pleasure of meeting her team in their regional office, in Pontypridd, and in their Senedd office, in Ty Hywel.  

I’ve just finished my First Year studying Politics and International Relations at Cardiff University and contacted Heledd for a work experience opportunity, I wanted to learn more about her role as an MS and the region she represents. I had the chance to learn and discuss different issues facing the region such as the cost of living and flooding.  

 It has been a very worthwhile experience and I look forward to more experiences and opportunities, with the party, and highly encourage others to look for an experience with the party and their member for the Senedd. 


This past week my team and I have had the pleasure of welcoming Deian Hughes a first-year Politics and International relations student from Cardiff University to gain some work experience with my team in the constituency office and in the Senedd. 

It was a pleasure to have Deian join us and I look forward to seeing what he achieves in the future. 

Diolch Deian. 

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