Work experience: Mael

My name is Maël, I am a 22 year old MA student at the University of Bath. I was born in Brussels and have lived there my whole life but my Dad is Welsh and part of my heart has always been here, in Wales. My short work experience with Heledd was my first time working in the Senedd – something I have wanted to do for a while now – and I am lucky to have done it in her office. My time here was in the midst of a turbulent time for the Senedd but despite this rather stressful period, Heledd and Brooke were both helpful, friendly, and great to work with. I had the opportunity to see Heledd’s work from the inside: seeing her passion and her determination and just her day-to-day work such as scrutinising the Welsh government, meeting with interest groups, and working in committees. I also was able to contribute to her work as an MS by helping with her communication strategy and briefing Heledd on two important policy issues for her.

Over the past two-weeks,  Mael has joined my team and I for work experience opportunity in the Senedd and has been a great addition to the team. Diolch Mael. It’s always pleasured to be able to offer work experience to young people interested in our work in the Senedd where possible. If you would like the opportunity to join us on work experience, please email me - [email protected]

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  • Brooke Webb
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